Hands Free Access Control

Current access control systems normally require that a card is swiped or held up close to a reader. Some challenges are that authorized personnel can enter/exit the site by tail-gating resulting in inaccurate records and/or can be followed onto the site by anyone ('tailgating').

EveryClient (RFID) addresses the challenges in the following way:

  • Personnel approaching, or at, the entry/exit point will be read by an RFID reader (i.e. counted in/out). This can be integrated with a door opening/locking mechanism to trigger the physical mechanism event (see Door and Gate Control)

  • Personnel approaching the entry point can have their digital image displayed on a screen being monitored by security staff. For example, if there were four people moving toward the entrance and only three images were picked up the 'invalid' person would be identified

  • As personnel and visitors depart the site; their exit time and point can be recorded.

Historically, a choice had to be made between infra-red motion detectors and security guards. EveryClient (RFID) can integrate to the alarm system and allow tagged security guards to roam freely around the facility without activating the alarm. However, if an intruder were to attempt the same, this would activate the alarm.