Asset Tracking

Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags are assigned to assets so that they can be located in real time.

Once an asset has been assigned a tag, EveryClient (RFID)'s system of rules can govern and report on the asset's movement.

Assets can also be assigned tags containing a sensitive motion detector. The moment that an asset is disturbed an alarm can be activated.

As long as the tag is within range of a reader (c.100 meters) then it can be secured and located. The system stores the location history of a tag for as long as required.

You might need to know the current or last known location of a key strategic asset. EveryClient (RFID) will display site/floor plan and highlight the location. Furthermore, once assets are tagged you can set rules that govern the movement of those assets; for example:

  • An asset may never leave the site or premises

  • IT equipment can only be moved by IT staff

  • No assets/equipment are permitted to move between midnight and 0500

  • Only named individuals an operate/leave site with certain assets.