Time and Attendance

EveryClient (RFID) registers the presence of people to produce both standard and user-defined reports.

For example, for each defined zone the following tag count data can be collected:

Date Location Zone Tag ID Time In Time Out
xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx xxx

The data gathered can be used to generate a number of reports produced by direct data feed from the EveryClient (RFID) system database (SQL). For example:

  • Net count of employees that entered building/day

  • Net count of visitors (achieved by assigning a number range to visitor tags)

  • Average time spent within the department/building by employee/visitor

  • Average time of day employees and visitors entered & left the building at the end of the day

  • Average time of day employees entered & left the dept. at the end of the day.

  • Frequency of use, number of people and average time spent in designated areas e.g.
    • Reception area, Meeting and conference rooms, Utility (coffee) areas, Entrance/Atrium, Hall, Staff shop, Seated areas, Canteen, Toilets (and link to utilities, e.g. water flush rates),
    • Building congestion and severity level (e.g. stair wells, lift queuing),
    • Suspected unutilised areas – e.g. use of ground floor games area, external lakeside areas,
    • effectiveness of notice boards – how frequently stopped at,
    • car park and site-wide traffic flow.